Finding ideas for specific topics

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[wptabtitle]Focus group[/wptabtitle]

Focus group


To identify the possible paths to be studied in the development of their products, companies often organise market studies, especially focus groups, to identify insights by consumers and build a policy of innovation that can satisfy them.

arrow The problem, however, is that when you ask consumers what they want, they are unlikely to provide breakthrough ideas. They will express their opinions about what already exists and propose improvements but it is difficult for them to talk about what could exist. The "classic" focus group helps us study the present but is not so helpful in defining the future.

arrow Applying these creative techniques during the focus group or by organising a specific session, we will get consumers to provide new ideas and not only improvements to the present situation.
arrow This will make it possible for us to identify new insights or better define present insights to be able to study innovation strategies that anticipate the desires of the consumer: to be pioneering in the anticipation of needs or desires that we wouldn’t have identified using the customary, rational process.

[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Generating new questions[/wptabtitle]

Generating new questions


Workshop (1/2 day)
Have you ever considered brainstorming for questions without looking for answers?

When a company needs new ideas to innovate (products, processes, organisation…) or because it is looking for new solutions to a problem, it often starts looking for answers directly, for example, through brainstorming

arrow The most important step in acquiring new and valuable ideas is the ability to approach your problem from new angles and generate new questions that will make it possible to find new, groundbreaking ideas

arrow Often, this stage of "reframing questions" can be carried out during the preparation of a workshop on idea generation, but sometimes so much work has already been done on the subject that the best way to unblock it is through a workshop on generating new questions
arrow We propose a practical half-day workshop in which we use different tools that will allow us to find a series of new creative focuses that will optimise the generation of ideas




Inteligencia Creativa offers its clients a practical workshop, fieldwork in the search for new questions, which they will then be able to use to generate ideas.

This is a workshop particularly orientated toward marketing or sales teams and one which will give them a new perspective on their target public:

arrow Through talks with specialists from other sectors or settings who work with the same target public
arrow Through visits to places frequented by this public
arrow Experiencing a real day with this public
arrow Through direct interviews with people who represent this public
arrow The duration and means will be defined on a case-by-case basis according to needs

[wptabtitle]Blue Innovation[/wptabtitle]

Blue Innovation


If what the company wants, instead of developing a process of generating ideas along identified routes, is rather to open new innovative business and sales models…


If before generating new responses, the company needs new strategic questions because it wants to open up to "doing other things" instead of "doing what it already does better"…

… Inteligencia Creativa proposes a Blue Innovation workshop.

arrow Applying creative methods to the strategic methodology of Blue Oceans (The Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne), it is possible to identify new models that can be explored later.

We use idea generation techniques that make it possible to focus this methodology of Blue Oceans on innovation, thereby achieving truly new and valuable proposals for the company.

[wptabtitle]Idea Factory[/wptabtitle]

Idea Factory

Workshop (1/2 day)

If, at a given moment, a company needs to find new ideas to resolve an urgent question or because it wants to open up new paths, we propose participating in an Idea Factory workshop.

arrow We offer the company our mastery of the best idea generation techniques to energise the session and ensure a high productivity of new ideas. The most appropriate techniques will be used according to the creative focuses expressed during the briefing.
arrow Prior to the workshop, we help the client to delimit their problem, reformulate it to find new angles of approach, and define new inspiring questions that will optimise the success of the workshop. This previous work is essential to generating valuable ideas.
arrow Delimit the problem: work with new inspiring questions to optimize new responses.
arrow Idea generation.
arrow Pre-selection of ideas, using tools to ensure objectivity.
arrow Polish the selected ideas, likewise using the appropriate techniques.
arrow Transform the ideas into specific and defined concepts, in order to come out of the session with material ready to be put into action.

[wptabtitle]Visualising Ideas[/wptabtitle]

Visualising Ideas

Upon completing an Idea Factory workshop, our client leaves with a list of all of the generated ideas and with the chosen ideas polished and already transformed into concepts. The client has files-concepts with detailed definitions of each developed idea.

An image is worth a thousand words! Images help identify key points that are not present unless the situation is visualised; they better communicate these ideas on an internal level and likewise can be used to test ideas on consumers or provide a better briefing to an agency that will design the project

arrow This process allows the client:
arrow To have a filter that saves them production costs in graphics and models.
arrow Bring more ideas to a visual concept stage, which can open up new channels that would otherwise have gone undetected had the ideas remained solely expressed in words.

[wptabtitle]Virtual Workshops[/wptabtitle]

Virtual Workshops

  Thanks to our platform, we can organise:

Virtual workshops with a group of people located in different physical locations, with a dynamic very close to that of a face-to-face workshop thanks to a platform that allows us to use creativity tools and tools for coordinators


A system of virtual workshops for the company that frees employees from the need to meet up physically in order to organise creativity sessions


Co-Creation – Crowdsourcing

If the company would like to set in motion an action of open innovation (involving clients, consumers, suppliers…) Inteligencia Creativa has a platform that makes it possible to organise actions tailored to the company’s needs.